Two Words…Rey Mysterio…Or Not As The Case May Be!

10 08 2007

Two Words…Rey Mysterio…Or Not As The Case May Be!

By Jordan Howell

Tony Chimel introduced Rey Mysterio, but strangely the Rey Mysterio figure was none other then Chavo Guerrero. Michael Cole’s words were “The Fans Have Been Screwed”. Chavo mocked Mysterio by repeatedly saying “I Quit, I Quit” but he’s “mocking session” was inturupted by Eugene because Chavo was going to wrestle Eugene [which happend] during the match Eugene delivered the Gory Special to Chavo, delivered the 3 Amigos but unfortunately missed the Frogsplash but Chavo countered and delivered a Frogsplash of his own picking up the victory.

Up next was Mark Henry vs. a Local and to be honest I felt this match was very predictable, the match lasted about 2 minutes also it isn’t really worthy to be shown on TV, At the end of Henry’s “speech” a Druid was shown and that’s about it! And to be honest Mark Henry is a bastard and that’s the bottom line….cause Stone Cold said so!

Torrie Wilson accompanied by Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Victoria accompanied by Kenny Dykstra was the next match. I find that the divas are very athletic, for the first time in a while a superstar was banned from ringside [JWY] Torrie lost the match because of the Widows Peak. Victoria added insult to injury after the match but luckily for Torrie, Michelle McCool came and told Victoria where to shove it.

Up next Matt Hardy vs. Finlay. There was one move that really stood out in this match and that was Matt Hardy’s devastating elbow to the jaw of Finlay, the sound his jaw made was not right. I’ll try and get a short video if I can of this move! Hardy had a lot of momentum but it was quickly stopped when he was pushed into the ringpost. Since then and when he was thrown into the steel steps as well Finlay targeted Hardy’s shoulder. Also Hornswoggle tried to get involved but didn’t because Jamie Noble stopped him. Hornswoggle ran away from noble and Finlay tried to find Hornswoggle but lost via count-out! Also Kane got covered with tea when Finlay knocked it out of Shannon Moore’s hand backstage which led to Finlay being thrown around by Kane. This backstage event was followed by Kane vs. Sylvan. Of course Kane one by yet another devastating Chokeslam. But Finlay, Shillelagh in hand hit Kane as many times as you could count but Finlay was demanded By Jimmy Corderas, Mickie Hensen and Charles Robinson to leave the arena.

The event took its toll on Ric Flair, he had a lot of momentum following chop after chop but because the Great Khali is so strong he managed to lock “The Claw” on Flair and he faded very quickly from his face being crushed by the massive hands of Khali. The fans chanted BATISTA! BATISTA! and only to have their wishes granted by Batista running to the ring, he threw a few punches then tried for the Batista Bomb but of course the Great Khali countered and locked on the devastating claw which finished off Batista!

Full Match Results As Not All Were Mentioned Above:

  • Batista def. Domino
  • Chavo Guerrero def. Eugene
  • Mark Henry def. Sterling Keenan
  • Victoria def. Torrie Wilson
  • Matt Hardy def. Finlay (Count-out)
  • Kane def. Sylvan
  • Chris Masters def. Local (Master Lock Challenge)
  • World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali def. Ric Flair (non-title match)



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