Monday Night Has A New Face!

8 08 2007

Monday Night Has A New Face!

By Jordan Howell

This Monday was the return of the chairman on the WWE Mr. McMahon. At the start of Raw a clip was shown, the clip was of Mr. McMahon talking to Jonathan Coachman saying that he wanted Coachman to gather all WWE superstars in the ring for the start of Raw. The huge announcement he made on his return was a Battle Royale, all the superstars competed in this match and McMahon announced that the winner would become the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw! In the end Sandman one the match but William Regal, who everyone forgot about entered the ring and hit The Sandman with his boot and picked up the win. The new General Manager of Monday Night Raw…William Regal! Later in the night Regal hosted The WWE Dating Game, a video of this event can be found here. The contestant was WWE Diva, Maria. The Three Bachelors were: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Ron Simmons & Santino Marella. At the end of the game Maria chose Ron Simmons. Santino wasn’t happy and he was the one that wanted to leave with Maria, he said “Me and Maria are going to leave arm in arm and no-one can stop me!” Then the sound of Umaga’s entrance music was heard throughout the arena and Santino shouted “I’m outta here!” and he ran out of the ring. Also on Raw Jillian Hall was in a one on one match with Mickie James, before the match Jillian Hall ask Lilian Garica about her new album, she then asked the crowed who wanted to hear Lilian sing, of course everyone cheered then Jillian said “no-one wants to hear you sing Lilian! They wanna hear me!” Jillian started singing, much to Lilian’s amusement Mickie James’ music hit and was enthusiastically introduced by Raw’s finest ring announcer Lilian Garcia. The match was won by Jillian in the end and after her win she stared at Lilian but no confrontation was made. A video of before the match and the match can be found here. Also Jerry “The King” Lawler lost against King Booker and will have to crown King Booker next week when Monday Night Raw broadcasts from Madison Square Garden!

There were other matches too but all the results are listed below!

William Regal wins company-wide Battle Royal to become Raw Commissioner

Jillian Hall def. Mickie James

Snitsky def. Highlander Rory McAllister

King Booker def. Jerry “The King” Lawler

WWE Champion John Cena def. Intercontinental Champion Umaga in a non-title match (Disqualification)





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