Smackdown! 03/08/08

4 08 2007

Smackdown! 03/08/08

By Jordan Howell

Ok This Week Because I’m Going To Be Away I Will Only Choose One Part Of The WWE Shows To Talk About.

Sorry the blogs are shorter then normal, I have been making some tutorials for Youtube and I have been away for a few days and soon for a few days more.

Ok now onto Smackdown, the show started off with the General Manager of Smackdown, Theodore Long and his fiancee Kristal coming to the ring. Kristal said “My fiancee, Teddylicious has a big announcement to make”. She passed the microphone over to Teddy and he said “We will be having our wedding on the 21st of September and all of you are invited” (Pointing to the crowd). Then he went on to say “We will be having it in the middle of this ring!” They’re celebration was interrupted by The Great Khali and his translator, Khali moaned about how his party was crashed by “The Animal” Batista! Khali then screamed at Kristal so loud that she ran away. Teddy was not happy one bit and said “I don’t care what the Great Khali says he doesn’t talk to me or Kristal like that, I am the General Manager and that means I’m in charge! At SummerSlam, The Great Khali Will Face…BATISTAA!!




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