Smackdown 27/07/07

27 07 2007

Smackdown 27/07/07

By Jordan Howell

Smackdown had some good matches tonight so I’ll run you through some of what went on. Batista’s music hit, “What a way to kick off Smackdown! With the animal!” said Cole. Batista went up against Deuce who was accompanied by his girlfriend Cherry and Domino. Cocky Deuce was mocked by Batista who blew a kiss to Deuce’s girlfriend Cherry, he gained the upper hand for a while until Batista countered with a huge spear but unfortunately he used his injured shoulder but still had enough momentum to deliver clothesline after clothesline and give Deuce the exclamation point, the Batista bomb to pick up the win!

Up next there was a backstage segment of Jamie Noble being interviewed, Noble was saying how everyone had been laughing an pointing at him because he got beat by a leprechaun. Noble vowed that he would walk out the new Cruiserweight Champion. Then to the match, Noble had his entrance then Hornswoggle’s music hit and Tony Chimel introduced him but Hornswoggle was hesitant to come to the ring, he was yet again introduced by Chimel he still didn’t come out so Noble went to search under the ring for him. Jamie Noble looked under the ring apron only to find that Hornswoggle was already in the ring. The match got underway, it was mainly running and hiding and a few right hands were thrown back and forth but the referee was at a count of 7 and Hornswoggle scurried onto the apron being held by Noble, Hornswoggle kicked him on and got in the ring and Noble was counted out!

A Rey Mysterio promo was shown saying he was to return, following this the next match was about to start, Chavo Guererro vs. Eugene. As we could have guessed Chavo’s entrance was straight after the Mysterio promo which had clips of the I Quit match that made Mysterio be out for 9 months. At the start of the match Eugene extended his hand to Chavo but only received a vicious slap in the face. Eugene never really gained momentum in the match apart from when he fired up but that wasn’t for long. Chavo picked up the win by delivering a brain buster then a frogsplash to Eugene.

The next match was Matt Hardy and The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair going up against “The Masterpeice” Chris Masters and M.V.P. There were a lot of quick tags in this match and painful chops this match was very detailed so I can’t possibly tell you everything that happend but in the end Matt Hardy delivered the Twist Of Fate To Chris Masters and picked up the win. After the match M.V.P run his mouth as usual saying he was better than everyone else and saying he could beat matt hardy at anything, Hardy ask for a title match and of course M.V.P declined.

After another ad break Kyrstal and Teddy Long were discussing their wedding and Vickie Guererro enter and said “look who’s here”, Ron Simmons entered and Teddy asked Ron if he would be their best man Simmons accepted in his own unique style….Damn! then the two shared a manly hug and went out side to smoke some Cuban Cigars.

The next contest was Kane going one-on-one against Dave Taylor. Mickey Hensen the referee, Dave Taylor was really no competition for the Big Red Machine, Kane. Even when Taylor used his uppercuts they didn’t really do much damage to Kane. After Kane’s vicious turnbuckle clotheslines and side walk slam followed by a diving clothesline Taylor received a devastating Chokeslam to take the win.

Mixed tag team match came up next on the one team Torrie Wilson and Jimmy Wang Yang going up against Kenny Dykstra and Victoria. Dykstra didn’t waste any time before using a huge kick as Yang turned around, already Dykstra had the upper hand. In come Torrie and Victoria off their match last week they couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other and get revenge! Victoria prevented Torrie from getting to Yang but of a submission hold Torrie nailed Victoria with a swinging neck breaker, Kenny Dykstra sucker punched Yang and both men got the tag Yang cross bodied Dykstra and moonsaulted him and got the 1, 2, 3!

Up next came The Great Khali’s Championship Celebration, Dancers came out sprinkling confetti and they entered the ring. And so…here he came the new World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali. He raised his belt on the entrance ramp and a firework display deafened the arena. He seemed some what happy for once. He went on to dance which was quite funny. But! then! The Animal! The Animal! He asked for a title shot Khali said “No No No” and then..Batista delivered a spear to The Great Khali!

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