Extreme Edge Wrestling eFed & Smackdown Stream!

7 09 2007


Extreme Edge Wrestling is the new eFed on the forum brought to you specially by RatedRKO. He has high skills in eFeds on other forums and he has a high reputation. The logo is copyright to the forum and if it is seen anywhere else, action will be taken, it can be seen above. To sign up for the efed, go to the eFed section on the forum and go to the application form and copy and paste it in a PM to RatedRKO, fill the application in deleting what doesn’t need to be there then send. If you would like to be involved in the forum or the eFed but you cant view the forum, you must register for free.

Also i’m here to remind you that tonight, at 10pm GMT there will be a stream of Smackdown, be sure to watch because the main event is Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guererro in an I Quit Match!


We’ve Gone phpbb3 + Last Raw Stream For A While

2 09 2007

I wrote this blog to tell you that we have gone phpbb3, you will see the forum has a smoother sleeker appearance and is faster than before. Slowly we are picking up new members thanks to the streams. Talking of streams i’m also here to inform you that Monday will be the last Raw stream for a while, apologies. If you need me to stream a repeat for you i shall to so if you arrange a time with me. Also i may stream TNA on Saturday at 10pm and other programmes maybe streamed so keep an eye out for the streaming schedule. I have made some rules for the forum which can be found here and the “tracking” system, more info about it can be found here. Also you may have realised that i am trying to push the blog to the limit, I have a co-writer now, my ol’ friend John, his writing name is RatedRKO, Treat him with the respect he deserves [he is also the only other admin on the forum]. Also, streams are on here, caps, results, reviews, stay tuned and watch this space!

Smackdown Here @ 9:30pm Instead Of 10pm!

30 08 2007

Due to time changes Smackdown is being shown at 9:30pm not 10pm. There is a chatbox there also if you want to chat. Watch it right here or on the blog at 9:30!


*CAPS* ECW (28Aug07) – Extreme Expose

29 08 2007

*CAPS* RAW (27Aug07) Maria vs. Beth Phoenix, Candice, Sharmell & More!

29 08 2007

An Update On John Cena’s Dad

28 08 2007

As you know [if you watched Summerslam] Randy Orton delivered his vicious kick to the dad of John Cena. Cena’s dad had a CAT scan today and this article was written soon after.

WWE Champion John Cena’s father underwent CAT scans that showed he did not suffer any brain damage from the direct kick to his skull from Randy Orton Monday night on Raw, WWE.com has learned. But Mr. Cena did suffer a severe concussion.

The elder Cena suffered a grade III concussion when Orton, seething over the denial of a request for an immediate WWE Championship rematch against his son, pulled him out of his ringside seat and punted him. The Champ’s father lost consciousness and suffered a cut above his left eye from the force of Orton’s boot.

Mr. Cena has been moved from the hospital to a private medical facility for further treatment. WWE.com will have further updates on Mr. Cena’s condition as they become available.

Mysterio to soar on SmackDown

28 08 2007

For our fans who hoped to witness the hottest SummerSlam in years last Sunday, they certainly weren’t disappointed. Yet even though the Biggest Party of the Summer has officially come to an end, expect plenty of heated rivalries and conflicts to boil over on SmackDown this Friday night.

SummerSlam heralded the return of one of its most popular Superstars to ring action…much to the chagrin of Chavo Guerrero. Rey Mysterio is back, and judging by his performance at the Biggest Party of the Summer, he’s better than ever. But now that he has dialed up some much-deserved payback against Chavo, what’s next for the Master of the 619? Expect the masked Superstar to let our fans in on his next move when SmackDown rolls into Albany’s Times Union Center.

In an epic SummerSlam battle between monster and Animal, Batista blocked The Great Khali’s Vise Grip, and withstood the awesome fury of a Khali Bomb. Unfortunately, the World Heavyweight Champion looked smaller than a 7-foot-3 giant when he assaulted his challenger with a chair across the back. Although he was disqualified and took nearly a dozen retaliatory chair strikes, the Punjabi powerhouse remains World Heavyweight Champion…though it also means that he still has a very angry Animal on his tail. Will his inability to finish off Batista come back to bite The Great Khali on SmackDown this Friday night?

Last Sunday also hosted a literal beer bash only WWE could possibly host: A Beer-Drinking Challenge which saw Matt Hardy’s proxy, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, drop United States Champion MVP with a keg-crushing Stunner. But has Matt’s hatred for the Ballin’ Superstar impaired his good judgment? Last week on SmackDown, GM Theodore Long ordered MVP to partner with Hardy against Deuce & Domino for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The tag champions already pummeled the duo during their 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge; how can these two mortal enemies put their differences aside long enough to work together in the ring, much less share tag team bling?

Expect a post-SummerSlam heat wave of controversy on SmackDown this Friday night at 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network.